Analysis of the ultra fine powder grinder process flow of 800 mesh kaolin powder production line

To grind 800 mesh kaolin powder, which manufacturer has a professional kaolin powder production line equipment supply? The mill equipment manufacturer Clirik is a professional ore mill equipment research and development and manufacturing enterprise. The CLUM ultra fine powder grinder provided by the company has scientific process, high grinding efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, and high powder extraction rate, which is satisfactory Professional grinding machine produced by the project of fine powder deep processing.
Ultra fine powder grinder for grinding kaolin ore powder
Kaolin mineral powder has considerable market value. Grinding ore powder requires a professional ore mill. Clirik pays great attention to the processing market of ore grinding projects. According to the needs of the industry, Clirik continues to supply high-yield and environmentally friendly kaolin ultra-fine vertical milling equipment to provide more reliable equipment support and grinding process for the production of kaolin grinding projects. Let's take a look at the advantages of this ultra fine powder grinder.
Clirik CLUM ultra fine powder grinder is an environmentally friendly, noise-reducing ultra fine powder grinder for energy saving and emission reduction. It is a mainstream equipment that breaks through the bottleneck of ultra-fine powder processing. It can produce 7-45μm powder. Equipped with a secondary classification system, it can efficiently produce 3μm powder. Powder, powder quality is good, particle shape is high, whiteness and purity are high, equipment vibration is small, noise is low, the system is integrally sealed, and it runs under full negative pressure. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading, and conveying. Process flow Scientific, less system equipment, compact structure and small floor space. It is a special equipment that replaces imported equipment and specializes in producing limestone, calcium carbonate superfine powder, calcite, kaolin, marble, calcium powder and other projects.
Clirik ore grinding equipment-CLUM ultra fine powder grinder
[Production capacity]: 1.2-40t/h
[Fineness of finished product]: 7-45μm with secondary classification can reach 3μm
[Product Features]: It integrates crushing, drying, grinding and conveying to break through the bottleneck of ultra-fine powder processing capacity. It can replace imported equipment, with scientific and reasonable design and innovative structure. It is an equipment for large-scale production of ultra-fine powder.
[Focus Field]: Focus on the large-scale grinding and processing of non-metallic minerals with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity within 6%, such as coal, cement, slag, gypsum, calcite, barite, fluorite, and marble. The product has a number of patented technologies and advanced performance.
One minute to understand the process flow of kaolin ultra fine powder grinder
The process flow of the ultra-fine vertical mill includes the steps of crushing, grinding, grading, and powder collection. It is scientific and reasonable. The equipment runs smoothly and has reliable performance. It is a special production increase equipment for kaolin grinding projects.
Crushing: The crusher crushes the ore to meet the feed size.
Grinding: The ground material enters the grinding roller table. Under the pressure of the grinding roller, the material is squeezed, ground and sheared to be crushed.
Classification: The wind is sprayed upwards evenly at high speed from the wind ring surrounding the grinding disc. The ground material is blown up by the high-speed air flow at the wind ring, and the coarser particle size material is blown back to the grinding disc for re-grinding, while the fine powder is brought in by the wind The classification machine performs classification.
Powder collection: Qualified fine powder goes out of the mill along with the airflow, and is collected by the dust collection equipment to become the product. The unqualified powder will fall into the grinding disc again and be ground again with the newly fed material until it is qualified.
Welcome new and old customers and friends who grind kaolin powder to visit the factory at any time and learn more about equipment selection options. Clirik provides special equipment for the kaolin grinding production line with high powder extraction rate. The new ultra fine powder grinder is a professional equipment to help the kaolin grinding project increase production and income.

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