Cement Powder Grinding Plant Manufacturer in China

Cement has a widely use in many industries, if you want to process high quality cement powder, you need choose a good quality cement powder grinding plant. As we all know, there are many cement powder grinding plant manufacturers on the world, and as one of professional manufacturers place in China, Clirik is very good at cement powder grinding plant R&D and manufacturing.

There are many different types of cement powder grinding plant can be used in cement powder making:

Ball Mill
Ball mill can grind cement into fine powder, and the ball mill also can mix the raw materials together, ball mill can be used in 80 mesh to 200 mesh cement powder making, and the capacity of ball mill usually can up to 100 t/h, even more.

Raymond Mill
Compare with other grinding plants, the Raymond mill has a longer development history, the Raymond mill can process stone powder between 50 mesh to 450 mesh; and according to you different demand of fineness, the capacity of Raymond mill can adjust between 1 to 20 t/h.

Ultra Fine Powder Mill
The Ultra fine powder mill usually be called ultra fine mill, micro powder grinding mill and so on. It’s one of grinding plants which is especially good at ultra fine powder grinding, the cement powder fineness m,made by ultra fine powder mill can be adjusted between 300 mesh to 2500 mesh, but compare with the ball mill and Raymond mill, ultra fine powder mill is not very common used in hard materials powder making.

Vertical Roller Mill
Vertical roller mill is one of new technology cement powder making machines on the market in these years. The vertical roller mill has a three grade powder grinding range, the finest powder fineness made by vertical roller mill even can up to 10000 mesh. And compare with other grinding mill, the vertical roller mill also has a higher capacity.

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