Does the fineness of the grinding mill product affect the choice of milling process?

The fineness of the product of the mill is the primary consideration when selecting the milling equipment. If the raw material is non-metallic minerals with medium hardness or less, such as talc, marble, kaolinite, bentonite, feldspar, etc., the product fineness requirement is about 104-38μm (150-400 mesh), Raymond mill can be used. , micro powder grinding mill, hammer mill, ball mill, roller (pressure) mill, etc. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to install an additional air centrifugal classifier.
The working process of the grinding mill (grinding material process): after the large block ore raw material is crushed to the required particle size by the jaw crusher, the material is sent to the storage hopper by the elevator, and then the material is uniformly quantified by the feeder It is continuously fed into the grinding chamber of the host machine for grinding. The powder after grinding is taken away by the airflow of the fan and classified by the powder separator. The powders that meet the fineness enter the cyclone powder collector with the airflow through the pipeline for separation and collection. The powder is discharged after passing through the powder outlet pipe. The airflow is then sucked into the induced draft fan by the air return pipe at the upper end of the cyclone powder collector. The whole airflow system of this machine is closed circulation, and it circulates under negative pressure.
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Manufacturers need to use steel when producing stone grinding machinery. If the market price of iron and steel fluctuates, then the production cost of the grinding equipment will be high and low. Because the price of our raw materials will affect the final selling price of the milling equipment, the production cost will increase, and the price will be more expensive. Only by mastering the high-tech production process can high-quality milling equipment be produced. And to learn high-tech production technology, you need to invest a certain amount of money. If this cost is high, it means that the production cost of the milling equipment has increased, so the price of the mill will be more expensive. In addition to the input of raw materials and technology, the production of mill equipment is important for labor. It requires workers to produce milling machinery. The wages of skilled workers and workers who do not understand the principle of production are different. Let’s think about With good equipment, this investment is also essential.
If the fineness of the product needs to reach below 38μm (over 400 mesh), in addition to selecting finer grinding equipment, such as Raymond mill, vertical mill, micro powder grinding mill, ball mill, etc., air centrifugal The classifier is matched with the mill, otherwise it is difficult to meet the requirements of product fineness and gradation. When selecting a classifier, in addition to considering product fineness, classification efficiency, and energy consumption per unit product, it must also be matched with the mill in terms of processing capacity and air consumption.
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Product variety and output are the second factors to consider when selecting milling process equipment. When possible, it is better to use a process production (process) line, which requires comparing optional milling equipment that can achieve product fineness, and selecting large equipment that can meet the output requirements on a single basis on the basis of comparison. In general, the fewer the production lines, the more convenient the management. Compared with multiple small devices, the energy consumption and production cost per unit of a single large device are lower.
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