How to Minimize the Capacity Wastage of Stone Grinding Plant?

If there appears bugs in the stone grinding plant, what should the operators do? This is a rather difficult problem. Machinery bugs are inevitable. Here below I will introduce you four maintenance tips including precautionary maintenance, bugs maintenance, production maintenance and predict maintenance.

stone grinding plant

First of all, precautionary maintenance. That is to say, make detailed plans for stone grinding plant running such as capacity, working time, professional overhaul department etc. Reasonable working arrangement and precautionary measures can prolong the using life of the equipment and its parts, enhancing production efficiency.

Secondly, bugs maintenance, which means carry out unplanned maintenance when stone grinding plant appears bugs or performance becomes worse. For example, the powder collector failed to make powder, bearings locking, abnormal dust in feeder. At that time we should timely ask for help from technists, the whole process should be operated in the condition of electric cutting so as to avoid other accidents.

stone grinding plant

Thirdly, production maintenance. This mainly refers to insufficient capacity, unqualified products. Two main reasons lead to production bugs, one is performance of stone grinding plant, another one is the capacity of operator, for example, they can not control the feeding smoothly, which will influence the final product fineness.

Last but not least, the predict maintenance. This means we know there will appear bugs in stone grinding plant but these bugs have not cause serious problems. According to the condition and information provided by diagnosis of technique, we can carry out proper maintenance before it happens. Such as from the voice, the condition of finished powder we can find the potential bugs in order to prevent before hand.

These four maintenance tips can increase its life time and working efficiency of stone grinding plant. As for stone grinding plant manufacturer we should help our customers to address problems. Wanna fetch more information? Welcome to inquiry us.

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