Main production and processing technology of calcium carbonat

Calcium carbonate is a common inorganic compound, commonly known as limestone, limestone, stone powder, etc. In the industry, calcium carbonate is classified into heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, colloidal calcium carbonate, and crystalline calcium carbonate. Among them, heavy calcium carbonate is obtained by directly pulverizing natural limestone and calcite by a mechanical method. Light calcium carbonate is produced by calcining limestone at high temperature, water digestion, carbonization of carbon dioxide, followed by dehydration, drying and pulverization.

Heavy calcium carbonate is mainly produced by dry process:

Process: Calcite, limestone, chalk, shells, etc., which will be transported from the quarry, then coarsely crush the stone with a crusher, then crush it with a calcium carbonate grinding mill to obtain fine limestone powder, and then use a classifier. The powder is graded, and the powder meeting the particle size requirements is packaged as a product, otherwise it is returned to the calcium carbonate powder mill for re-grinding.
calcium carbonate grinding mill

The main production process of light calcium carbonate in China:

1. Carbonization method: calcining raw materials such as limestone to produce lime (the main component is calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide, and then adding water to digest the lime to form lime milk (the main component is calcium hydroxide), and then introducing carbon dioxide carbonized lime milk to form calcium carbonate precipitate. Then, the calcium carbonate precipitate is dehydrated, dried and pulverized to obtain a light calcium carbonate.
2. Caustic soda method: In the process of producing caustic soda (NaOH), a by-product light calcium carbonate can be obtained. Adding slaked lime to an aqueous solution of soda ash can form a calcium carbonate precipitate, and at the same time, obtain an aqueous solution of caustic soda, and then dehydrate, dry and pulverize the precipitate of calcium carbonate to obtain light calcium carbonate.

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