Petrol Coke Powder Grinding Plant

And if you need process petrol coke in other fineness, we also can recommend the ultra fine powder grinding plant for you:
30-200 mesh powder grinding: ball mill;
50-400 mesh powder grinding: YGM Raymond mill;
300-2500 mesh powder grinding: HGM ultra fine mill;
1250-3000 mesh powder grinding: CLUM vertical roller mill.

In fact, petrol coke is a kind of coke, and it’s as one of fuel resources we usually use in the past, and burning petrol coke we can get 1.5 times the energy than coal, but the burning of petrol coke is really great for environmental pollution, however, in other hand, the waste of petroleum coke is not a reasonable use of resources. So grinding the petrol coke into powder, and make the petrol coke powder in other industries will solve this problem.

As most of petrol coke powder grinding plant, there is no double that the Raymond mill will be the suitable machine petrol coke for petrol coke powder grinding. Generally speaking, the Raymond mill is one f traditional petrol coke powder grinding mills among all kind of petrol coke powder making machines, the powder fineness made by Raymond mill can be adjusted between 50 mesh to 400 mesh, and the maximum capacity of the Raymond mill can up to 20 tons per hour.

What’s the reason makes the Raymond mill become the suitable machine for petrol coke powder making? This is because, the mainly use of petrol coke powder is for manufacturing ultra high power graphite electrodes and some special carbon products. However, this industries needed raw powder has a very high fineness, the 400 mesh petrol coke was enough new product making.

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