Raymond Mill Installation

Raymond mill, a professional stone powder making machines, which is widely used many different areas, such as mining, transport, building, painting anf other so many industries. Shanghai Clirik is a professional Raymond mill manufacturer in China, in this page, we will tell you how to install a Raymond mill for your stone powder production line, let's get started.

Raymond mill
Firstly, put the base of arranger into pit and fill the pit. Pay attention to control a certain height, and then use level to adjust the upper plane "A", at the same time install drive device in the "A" surface and bolt it.

And then, before installation of the Raymond mill main unit, rubber shockproof pad shoulb be filled on the base bottom plane contact with cement foundation and anchor bolt connection. and then use frame level to revise base "B" plane.The calibration points are the four cross reticule. At the same time adjust the two half coupling "C", "D", whose axis degree should be less than 0.20 mm. E1, E2 nonparallelism  degree shall not be greater than 0.1 mm, the gap between "E1", "E2" should be kept within 5-8 mm.

Finally, location of the pipework shall be installed according to the general layout and height, shall not be any change and heightening. Each pipe joint shall be sealed and tighten, make sure that have no leakage phenomenon. Electrical equipment should be accurate and reliable, all parts should be carried out commissioning after the installation.

After reading this article, have you known about the install of Raymond mill machine, but if you also have no indear about the installtion of Raymond mill, you also needn't worry about the install work od Raymond mill, Shanghai Clirik will supply the whole line service for you, if you set the order to us, more information about the Raymond mill, welcome to contact us.

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