The type of clay mill, mill machine manufacturer

The clay mill is equipped with production lines according to the output and the number of clay powders. Of course, depending on your production intensity, the investment amount is less than several hundred thousand, and the Raymond mill is more. If there are millions, it is recommended to use vertical mill. The output is large enough, and the vertical grinding machine is still a more advanced milling equipment.

clay mill machine

What kind of mill is used in the clay grinding machine?

1.Look at the mesh and output of clay powder

The number of clays is large, and the use of 100 mesh white clay is more. Of course, there are also manufacturers of clay having a mesh size of 60 mesh to 100 mesh, 150 mesh clay, 325 mesh clay, 325 mesh high white clay, 400 mesh clay, 600 mesh clay, and 800 mesh clay. According to the number of clay meshes and the output, the clay mill selection girl gave the following suggestions for reference only.
clay mill machine

2.In addition to the mill itself, it is more important to choose the right manufacturer.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd grinding machine quality is legendary, and there are many after-sales service outlets. Almost every province and city has an office. Each office strictly implements the company's "customer satisfaction" service tenet. In the domestic mill manufacturers, Shanghai Clirik scored from the user evaluation, which is the better in China. The grinding machine has a long time, many customers, and sufficient grinding machine parts. There is a trial grinding workshop in the grinding machine production base. This is not the case that there are several manufacturers in China that have such a trial grinding workshop. Customers can directly transport to Shanghai Clirik for trial grinding, and then directly in the laboratory for powder analysis.

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