What If Your Stone Grinding Plants Appear A Series of Problems?

Every existence’s life span is limited, especially a thing, when we are using it various problems will appear. The key point lies in how to solve these problems. As the large scale mining ores powder making machine, stone grinding plant will emerge a lot of problems due to its special raw materials. Here below I want to introduce you how to resolve these problems.

stone grinding plant

These problems emerged in stone grinding plant are common to see. Under normal condition, there is no powder or less powder made by your plant. Or the finished powder size is too coarse or too fine. Then may be the main unit of your stone grinding plant will frequently stop working or always over-heated. Or the main unit always causes loud noise and the blower will violently vibrating. And may be the classifier or reducer will be over-heated and powder is added into grinding axis equipment.

Well how to resolve these problems emerged in your stone grinding plant? Here are some daily maintenance tips. First of all, we should check whether the powder valve and grinding roller equipment is in stuck or open if yes we should adjust the height of the channels. Secondly, adjusting the rotary speed of classifier and wind volume, clear the stuck powder in channel. If the main unit frequently stops working, we we should check the electrical machine is lower than normal current . if the machine vibrates obviously we should stop it immediately, clear the dust in plates or change the plates; we should adjust the gap between bearings and regularly add lubricating oil.

These are some problems commonly seen in stone grinding plant. If you operate it according to the instructions and pay more attention to the daily maintenance work, the machine will work normally for sure. As the specialized powder making manufacturer, Shanghai Clirik is willing to answer your all questions if you come to inquiry us.

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