What are the main mills used in the Grinding plant?

The grinding machine is mainly composed of a main machine, an analysis machine, a blower, a finished cyclone, a pipeline device, a motor, etc., and mainly uses a hoist to send the material to the storage hopper, and then the material is evenly continuous through the vibrating feeder. It is sent into the main grinding chamber of Raymond mill. Due to the centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roller swings outward and presses against the grinding ring. The blade shovels the material and sends it between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, which is crushed by the rolling of the grinding roller. purpose.
grinding plant

The grinding plant used main mills

Raymond Mill plant
That is to say, Raymond Mill plant can be said to have a very long history. It is the earliest model in the milling equipment. So far, the market share is very high. Large, the Raymond mill after the transformation of the Raymond mill has a higher screening rate of 99% compared to the old-fashioned equipment, and uses a centralized control system, which is now highly automated in the traditional artificial Raymond mill. High equipment.
High Pressure Grinding plant
Also known as high pressure grinding plant and suspension roller grinding, this equipment can grind high hardness materials, and can be well ground for Mohs 9.3 grade materials. After modification, the finished product has a fineness of up to 1000. The left and right sides, and the fineness can be freely adjusted between 0.613mm and 0.33mm, and the adaptability is stronger.
European version grinding plant
This equipment belongs to a relatively large equipment. Because its design principle is based on the advanced technology of European mills, it is called the European version of the mill. After improvement, this equipment has lower energy loss and higher efficiency. Belongs to large equipment.
Micro Powder Grinding Plant
Micro powder grinding plant is also the ultra-fine grinding that we often say. Under the same fineness conditions, the price is less than the traditional airflow mill. The fineness of the finished product can reach 3000 mesh, and the production process is less. It is suitable for ultrafine powder processing. Business use.

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